The Way of Kings.

Brandon Sanderson is currently a favourite of mine, and I’m actually extremely upset to have just finished the second part of The Way of Kings as the next book isn’t due out until 2013. 

Sanderson writes in worlds completely separate from our own. They are imaginative, breath taking, beautifully constructed. I have never read worlds that have so much depth put into the histories and inhabitants. The Way of Kings is no exception.

Admittedly there is a similar structure in The Way of Kings as in his Mistborn Trilogy, that being there is an obscure past for their world that must be discovered to avert a coming disaster. However it plays out in such an unexpected way that it can hardly be compared. I adore his books, they have presented to me a style of writing that I would love to master, that of producing seemingly unconnected characters and following them on their separate journeys knowing that at some point they need to come together and then marvelling at how this is achieved.

As before I must focus on character, his characters amaze me. They are so real. To really criticise them I would have to go back through the book with a more critical eye but honestly, who reads like that? If you aren’t going to be a critic, and I certainly am not, then what is the point of looking for minuscule afflictions? The Way of Kings does have a problem, that being that for most of the first book (Which is divided into two books labelled part one and part two due to its length) I had no idea as to what the overall goal of the story was. 

I was reading it, loving it, revelling in the characters journeys but I honestly didn’t know what the big picture was. I couldn’t see it, I found myself thinking through every clue trying to connect the dots. Not until one of the characters realised it did I, even then I still couldn’t quite grasp the enormity of it. Sanderson is often so subtle in the way he links the characters lives. I would go on to worship the Mistborn books but as I have just started an aside from that series I will wait until I have finished it.

Until then, The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, amazing. Read it!


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